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Cutting a single tube, pipes up to 24" (609.6 mm) O.D., waterwall panels, even difficult areas in power generation boilers like element and super heater tubes - each project can be handled with speed and safety by one of our many abrasive wheel tube saws and pipe saws or the powered hacksaw.

These rugged saws are available in track saw, wrap saw and hand-held saw models for efficient pipe cutting.

Track mounted pipe saws are accurate ways to make long cuts in waterwall panels and adjacent tubes up to 4" (101.6 mm) O.D. Some track saws have a crank feed which is beneficial for extremely tight areas which do not allow the operator to easily or safely plunge cut.

A smooth even cut is accomplished with very little effort. One operator can set up for tube and pipe sawing in minutes.

Our Wizard hand-held saw is a conversion that uses our patented Wizard high speed pneumatic motor. Change between a high production beveling and membrane removing tool to a lightweight, powerful pipe saw in minutes.

Pipe saws and tube saws in all of these configurations, - track saw, wrap saw, hand held saws will make your jobs easier and more profitable.

Pipe saws in many different styles give you a practical selection.

Contact the factory or your area representative for complete specifications and pricing for purchase or rental.

Pneumatic or electric powered hacksaws make ideal tools for working in confined spaces. Blades are available in a variety of sizes from 8" (203.2 mm) to 37" (939.8 mm) long. Blade supports maintain accurate cuts on pipes up to 24" (609.6 mm) O.D. Adjustable clamps secure the saw on square and rectangular tubes and other structural steel members up to 21" x 11" (533.4 mm x 279.4 mm).


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